Why should I get pre-approved?

One of the first questions I ask a client that wants to take a look at a property for sale is “Have you gotten pre-approved?” The answer often times is “No.”

The reason why I ask that question is because one must be able to get financed in order to buy a house. Looking at properties without that handy, dandy letter from a lender is like putting the cart before the horse. Yes, I understand that you are REALLY interested in a house you seen online but I would hate to check it out…you fall in love with it….and then you not being able to get financed for it because you weren’t pre-approved.

Getting pre-approved not only tells you that you can get financing but it will also tell you how much house you can realistically afford and thus make it so you don’t waste your time or that of your agent.

It only takes about 15 minutes! Know where you stand! Contact me today!