What You Need to Know About the City of Dallas Rental Registration Inspection

If you own a rental property in the City of Dallas, as of 2017, you are required to register the property. This is to ensure that the property is up to code and to prevent landlords from renting uninhabitable homes.

There is an online application that you can fill out. You must also submit a copy of your ID as well as a affidavit that says you own the property and it’s in good standing (mortgage/taxes). There’s also a form that the tenant must sign which is a lease addendum where they acknowledge that they won’t conduct illegal activity at the property.

Once all of the forms are submitted and you pay the $43 fee per property, they will contact you to schedule an inspection.

At the inspection they’ll look at the following (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Exterior Siding/Paint – If there’s any peeling paint or rotted wood they will likely require that to be repaired
  • Fence – If the fence is dilapidated or old they may require it to be repaired/replaced or restained
  • Doors/Windows – They will check to make sure all doors lock and close properly; they will also make sure that at least one window in each bedroom opens
  • Kitchen/Baths – They will check under the sinks to make sure nothing is leaking and that there aren’t any holes which can be conducive conditions for rodents
  • They will check above the HVAC and HWH to make sure that everything is properly sealed and that combustion air is present

If you have any questions about registering your property or the process. Feel free to reach out. I hope this post was helpful so that you know what to expect once you start the process.