What to Expect After a Tenant Moves in

I’ve done plenty of posts and videos about how to get the best tenant, how to bulletproof the property, etc., but I’ve never talked about what to expect once a tenant moves in.

To start, when we are dealing with a property that we’ve never lived in, all of the info we have is based on past tenants. Additionally the tenant that’s moving in is now new to the property and will have to get settlers. So there is a high probability that they may have questions or a few requests after moving in. This is normal.

I hate to say it, but even if you’ve lived in the property for many years, there’s still a high probability that they will still have questions since the home is new to them.

I like to highlight this so that you have realistic expectations and don’t get worked up because of something that seems to always happen.

This is especially prevalent with the properties that we manage that are older (not so much the newer properties).

But the good news is that this usually subsides after the first month.

So when those requests come in, remain calm, troubleshoot with the tenant (that’s what we do) and if we can troubleshoot then send someone to the property promptly.

To make it a win win, actively responding to your tenant starts the relationship off right but also protects your property. There’s always the possibility that an unreasonable request comes in too! In that event, you refer the tenant back to the lease and/or let them know that they can document whatever it is on the inventory and condition form.

If you have any question on preparing for a new tenant or what to do once they move in, feel free to reach out to us.