Tips to sell your home quickly: staging

Lately I’ve seen a common trend among the homes that I have shown my clients that are looking to purchase.  That is…bare, white walls (sometimes crazy colors as well) and/or furniture that detracts from the overall feel of the home.

With such a large selection of homes on the market, one thing that sellers can do to help their home sell, is paint the walls warm, neutral colors.  A potential buyer would show more interest in a home that feels warm and cozy versus one that is completely bare. Plus, colors on the wall help the home stand out in the minds of buyer; especially when they view so many.

Another tip that will help your home sell is staging it with nice furniture (if vacant) or making sure your home is not too cluttered with your own furniture.  The right furniture and arrangement will help add warmth to the home and will help spark the interest of buyers. Large furniture pieces also often make a home feel small and oftentimes cluttered.  The key is to have enough furniture so that the potential buyer can visualize their own, while arranging the furniture in a way that contributes to the “flow” of the home.

Last but not least, cleanliness will also help your home sell.  Make sure everything has a place and that floors, walls and windows are clean.  A cluttered and dirty home may not leave the best impression on your potential buyers.

Do you have a tip to help your home sell? What has worked for you?

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