Tips to Leasing Your Home: Curb Appeal

“Curb Appeal” is an idea that most sellers deem (or should deem) important, however, from a leasing standpoint the idea is often times tossed to the side! With so much available inventory for lease, curb appeal could be a deal maker or a deal breaker.

As a landlord, keep in mind that prospective tenants are not only looking at the size and location of the house, but they are also considering the current condition of the home; both interior and exterior.   In the eyes of many tenants the condition at the time of the showing reflects what kind of landlord they would be dealing with. Nobody wants to deal with a slumlord or unresponsive landlord.   While you may be the best landlord, if the condition of the home is not too favorable it won’t matter!

Here’s what I’m suggesting.  Having a landscaping company routinely service the yard while your rental property is vacant is going to help attract the quality tenant that you want.  Also, having the home cleaned thoroughly once vacant as well as a regular light cleaning while you’re trying to get it rented will also help lease your home.  Remember it’s the small things that count!  Nobody is going to know how great you and your rental property are if the grass and trees are overgrown and the home is full of dust. Follow these simple steps and it will help you lease your home to a quality tenant. Happy leasing!

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