Tips for Tenants: Moving Out

moving box        Surprisingly, many people do not realize that the factor that determines whether or not a tenant will get his/her deposit back is the condition in which the house is left. So, before you take off and head to your new home, here are some tips to help you retain that deposit!

  1. Repairs: before you move, either hire someone to repair any damage done to the home or simply do it yourself; this will keep you from racking up charge after charge for easy repairs.
  2. Clean, clean, clean!: I cannot stress how much simply cleaning the home before you move out will save you so much time and money!! Give all of the rooms a good scrub, clean all of the appliances, and you may want to consider having any carpets professionally cleaned. And don’t forget to properly dispose of any trash in the garbage bin.
  3. Patch and Paint: If you’ve made any large holes in the wall due to screws or nails, patch them up. Also, if you have painted, be sure to return all of the walls to the original color. If you need to touch up paint, be sure to test the color to make sure it matches exactly before you start painting.
  4. Photos: It’s a good idea to take photos of the house that depict the condition in which you left it. Bring the front page of a newspaper that has a large headline and a date, and try to capture part of that paper in each of your photos. This will help specify when the photos were taken, and it will also enable you to use those photos if there is any dispute.(Remember to keep those pictures and the newspaper with your important documents)
  1. Documents and Records: Remember to organize all of your important documents concerning the house and your lease, and keep them all in a single, safe spot.

If you follow these five simple tips, I guarantee that you will have fewer problems (if any) with your landlord and less stress during your move-out!