Tips for choosing the right property management company

Before you choose a property management company to manage your rental property it’s important that you do your research. Shop around and compare rates. What you may find is that most of those details are comparable across various management companies; however, there are some small things that you should consider that really help you measure a management company. Although this list is not exhaustive, I encourage you to ask these questions to prospective management companies. It will tell you A LOT about each company that you are considering!

  1. What are your weekend hours? (This is a big question!!!)
    What you may find is that some management companies don’t even answer the phone on weekends. At King Realty, we are available 24-7 to respond to maintenance requests and show our rentals. A management company that isn’t open weekends could potentially miss out on a great tenant that wants to rent your property!
  2. How do you handle maintenance requests?
    Some property managers are known for draining an owner’s rental income just in monthly maintenance expenses alone! Beware! King Realty has an in-house maintenance company that charges reasonable rates! We understand the balance between maintaining our owners’ investment and being attentive to our tenants.
  3. How can I monitor my property?
    Every management company uses a different system, however, it’s super important to check to see if they have some sort of online system that allows you to check on the property. At King Realty, we utilize a web-based portal that allows our tenants and owners to track the property, view the lease, submit and track maintenance requests as well as submit rent payments.
  4. Can you send me references?
    If you’re still not sure which company to choose after doing your research and asking the questions above, you may want to ask for references. These are usually owners that the management company currently works with. They can say a lot about a company!

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