Should you allow pets in your rental property?

A common question we get from landlords is do I have to allow pets in my property? Here’s our answer.


  1. By law you have to accept service animals. In Texas the law states that they must provide a certificate as well as a letter from a specialized medical professional showing what conditions the service animals treat.
  2. You can’t charge a pet deposit or any pet fee for service animals
  3. For non-service animals it’s a good idea to accept them on a case by case basis with an additional deposit. We usually charge $300-400 per pet (refundable) and $15-25 per pet as a monthly pet fee.
  4. There are online services that screen pets. Contact us for a referral.

In conclusion, most people have some sort of pet. If you refuse to accept pets (non-service animals) then you significantly limit the pool of eligible tenants that may qualify for your property. This could result in prolonged vacancy. By accepting them on a case by case basis it does give you more options; preventing the property from sitting vacant for prolonged time.