Rules for Entering an Occupied Rental Property


If you have a rental property, you may at some point need to enter the occupied property. Here are some best practices for doing so!

  1. Many leases have verbiage that state that a landlord may enter a property with or without notice at reasonable times. This provision is in the Texas Association of Realtors lease. Please check your lease to see what everyone has agreed to.
  2. While Texas is very pro-landlord, to be safe, it’s a good idea to give your tenant at least a 24-hour notice before you enter the property. This is a way to show your tenant respect as well as maintain your safety. 24-hour notice can be given via email, txt or letter. It’s a good idea to get some sort of acknowledgement from the tenant. IF A TENANT HAS PETS it’s a good idea for those pets to be secured by the tenant BEFORE you enter.
  3. It’s wise to enter a property when a tenant is there to let you in this helps minimize the risk of having a tenant say that someone stole a personal belonging or did damage to the property. We realize that this is not always possible but you’ll want to have some procedures in place for entering a property when a tenant is not home.
  4. After all, we live in Texas! Many Texas have guns. It’s wise to give a tenant some sort of notice so that they know who and when someone will go to the property. Without notice, you could put yourself at risk of getting shot.

If you have any questions about managing your rental property, feel free to reach out to us!