King Realty and Management Inc. is a full-service residential real estate brokerage. Our expert team of agents and professions can assist you in achieving ALL of your real estate goals. Here’s how!!!


Two of the most important factors in selling your home are price and overall condition. Our agents follow a streamlined system to help sellers achieve their goals! The FIRST step is to call us to set up a meeting to discuss your goals. The SECOND step is for us to examine the market in your area using MLS comparables and recommend a price. With our pricing recommendations we would also provide an estimated net-sellers proceeds worksheet which will show you your bottom line as well as an estimate of your net proceeds. Depending on your goals and your unique situation, we offer a variety of creative options to get you home sold and help you achieve your goal! Contact us today! We’d love to help!

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Buying a home is a large investment and can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! The key is having the RIGHT team! Our experienced buyers agents can help you identify what you want and need, and find a home that is everything that you dreamed of. Contact us today! We’d love to help!

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We specialize in all things real estate investment. We help investors build their portfolio through strategic analysis and acquisition of homes that generate that has the potential to generate their highest and best returns! Click HERE to download our investment goal worksheet and contact us today to learn how our team can help you become an investor or grow your portfolio.