Property taxes on the rise! What to do if you want to protest!

The 2018 property tax values have been released. I know I got mine already and lot of my clients have been reaching out to me to protest due to a drastic increase. First, let’s put it in perspective. The fact that your home’s value is rising means that the equity in your house is also growing. BUT I know most people don’t want to have to pay more taxes but unfortunately, that’s a reality we live in. If you don’t agree with the value that they have assessed here’s what you may want to do…

  • Consult with a local real estate agent or broker (or even an appraiser). Most counties in Texas don’t have access to the MLS which is how most appraisers determine value (Texas is a non-disclosure state). A market expert will be able to pull current market data which you can present to your county appraisal district. The goal would be for the comparables that the expert pulls be less than the value that they have assessed.
  • Does your home need work? You can submit evidence of the maintenance or work needed on your house with the protest documents. Estimates from various contractors and pictures may help you make your case. Particularly roof work or foundation work needed may help you as you protest.
  • Last but not least, be sure to carefully review the protest paperwork. It is FREE to protest your property taxes but it’s super important that you read through what is required so that your request is not rejected.

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