King Realty and Management Inc. loves to help it’s owners increase income and reduce expenses which means an increase return on investment! We’re investors just like you and we have AWESOME systems to help you do this. Here’s a snapshot on how we achieve this goal:

  • Lease and Market Rate Tracking – We regularly monitor the actions of the market and assess rent increases accordingly. 45 days before a lease is set to renew we communicate with the owner and examine market conditions and make recommendations on how to move forward. There’s also a balance that we like to achieve when it comes to increasing rent by a reasonable rate and also keeping the tenant (i.e., if they are taking care of the property and paying on time).
  • Annual CMA’s to help our owners evaluate property taxes – We offer CMA services to our owners to show how the current market value of their property compares to what the county uses for tax purposes. If the county assesses a higher value than the current market, you may be able to protest it and provide our CMA as justification for the reduction in the assessed value. What does this mean? Possibly lower your property taxes!!!
  • Bulletproofing properties – If you make a property bulletproof  or virtually indestructible by using neutral paint colors, oil based paint on doors/trim for easy cleanup, and allure vinyl plank flooring that withstands the test of time, you may save a lot of money on the back end! These measures make the house look great which will generate TOP-DOLLAR rents, but it also saves you money in maintenance expenses over time as new tenants move-in and out of the property.
  • Friendly staff! – We genuinely love what we do! We are friendly toward owners and tenants and do our best to build positive working relationships with all of our clients! A smile and positive energy helps us accomplish lots in our field!