The first step we take in managing properties for our clients is to understand their desired goal. This is different for many; some purchase for asset and not income, some purchase for monthly income, and some are not sure what their goal is. We can help to solidify a plan. Once we have the plan in place we can then analyze the property and see how we can reach our objective.

We know that management will be the key factor in the success of the asset. When was the last time you checked the central appraisal to see if you are being overcharged for property taxes? These are the things we do to maximize the performance of the asset.

Our strategies include ways to keep tenants in the unit for the longest time (here is the secret…we are nice people). We are also able to minimize maintenance costs because we own our own maintenance company (this means no more waiting on vendors). Contact us today!

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in-house maintenance


King Realty and Management is the parent company of Unique Home Maintenance LLC- our in-house maintenance company that can take care of all of our maintenance needs. We offer competitive rates anda professional, qualityservice.

King Realty Helps Investors Minimize Their Maintenance Expenses!

realestatemanagement~~element166King Realty has partnered with Unique HomeMaintenance LLC to provide tenants with The Resident Maintenance Toolkit.

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