3 Easy Preventative Maintenance Tips that Can Boost ROI – What Investors Need to Consider for Dallas Rental Properties

Preventative maintenance will provide the best return on investment for your rental property. Today, we’re talking about how taking care of these small things ahead of time will save you money down the line. Smart real estate investing will include paying attention to these three maintenance items.

Property Managers Dallas: Servicing HVAC Systems

It’s super important that you have a licensed HVAC company inspect and service your unit at least once a year. A lot of clients will complain about this expense, but it’s worth the investment. Spending $200 a year can help preserve the life of your system and ensure it lasts longer. Everyone knows that changing out the entire HVAC system can be expensive and disruptive to your tenants and your ROI. Schedule this service annually.

Spraying Your Rental Property

Nearly all property management companies in Dallas will recommend aggressive pest control. Be proactive by spraying your property once a year. Sometimes, north Texas feels like the bug capital of the world. There are all kids of critters crawling around. With an annual treatment, you can prevent termites and other bugs from nesting in your home. It will also keep your tenants happier.

Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are common in this part of Texas. One thing you can do to minimize the settlement of your property is to install a watering system or a soaker hose. This maintains the moisture level of the soil around your foundation, and it reduces the risk of shifting.

These three easy items can be done once a year, and they will save you a lot of money over time. If you need any more tips on preventative maintenance and how to calculate ROI benefits that come with such maintenance, please contact us at King Realty. We’d be happy to help with any of your Dallas property management needs.