Looking for a home? Are you and your spouse on the same page?

When I am approached by a couple (whether married or dating) that is looking for a home, one of the first things that I think to myself is “are they on the same page?”  From couples that have been married for 15 years to couples that have been dating for two years I have found that many times they aren’t on the same page.  Their wants, needs and value are all over the place.  Many people don’t have a specific conversation about this topic; they just dive into the home search process!

While your agent is in no way a counselor, it is their job as your REALTOR to pinpoint exactly what you want and find you a home that fits your criteria.  However, this is a collaborative venture! In order for your REALTOR to help you find your dream home it’s important that you and your spouse are on the same page!!! Here are some items to discuss as you decide what you want in a home.

  1. What’s your purpose in buying (or selling a home)? Are you looking to downsize, are you looking to upgrade? Be sure to discuss your purpose and/or goals for purchase/sale.
  2. How much do you want to spend? While you’ll still need to get prequalified, taking a look at your finances and talking about how much you can afford and how much of a mortgage payment you want AHEAD of time is SUPER important. Be sure you’re realistic (i.e., remember that you get what you pay for).
  3. What location do you prefer? Couples often times work or have family in different areas. Be sure to discuss preferred commute times, areas and the amenities that you desire in an area.
  4. What are your “must haves?” Individuals value different things in their home.  One may require a large kitchen while another doesn’t care about the kitchen but absolutely must have a large backyard.  As you talk with your spouse/significant other about the specifics I recommend that you make a list and then come up with a compromise.

Remember that communication is key! Setting goals and writing down the desires that you and your spouse/significant other have for your new home will help you stay on track.  It will also help you and your REALTOR efficiently and effectively manage time and effort.