It’s nothing personal, it’s ALL business! – How to Reduce Stress in Your Real Estate Transactions

Recently, I’ve handled a few sales transactions where the buyer and/or seller took some of the details of the transaction WAY too personal. As a result, I want to break down a few key points that relate to one’s emotions and how important it is to keep them in check as you go buy or sell a home. These points not only help the transaction to go smoothly but it also significantly reduces the stress that you experience when you try to buy, sell or even lease a home.

The main thing to remember is that in your real estate transaction it is ALL business.  Your REALTOR is working to get you the best deal and help you achieve your goals.  While we all understand that you may have lived in or owned your home for a while and that there are lots of emotional attachments to it, it’s important that you do your best to suspend your emotions so that you can think clearly and logically about the transaction.

Here’s one of many examples.  A buyer makes an offer on your house…you accept it…now we’re at the option period and the inspector has found some items that the buyer would like you (the seller) to address.  There are two ways to react:

The Emotional/Personal Response: You can get upset and feel like the buyer is criticizing your house and thus criticizing you, add A LOT of unnecessary stress to your life and potentially make a decision that would cause the buyer to back out of the deal and find another home.

The Business/Rational Response: You understand that each person is different and values different things in a home.  When the inspection and request for repairs come back you examine the repairs, get estimates and think about all of your options and respond in a professional/practical manner. After all, you understand that in this market EVERY buyer is trying to negotiate the best deal…it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you!

Do you see how suspending your emotions in a transaction can help you?  While it’s easier said than done, I challenge you to be aware of your emotions and to consciously control them so that you can enjoy the process of buying or selling a home!