Why You Should Work with King Realty & Management in Irving, TX

King Realty & Management is a full service Irving property management company. We are experts in the local market, and we’re excited to introduce our company to you. As a family owned real estate brokerage, we have spent more than 30 years working with property owners and investors to help them be more successful with their investment homes. We could provide a long list of reasons to work with us, but today we’ll highlight just a few of them.

Personal Investment Experience

My father and I are real estate investors, just like you. That means we know what you need and what you want, and we approach your property the same way we would manage the properties in our own investment portfolio. Investors like working with us because we understand the process and the goals on a personal level, and we appreciate the drive to earn the highest returns on your investment.

Lower Costs and Higher Profits

We help our owners and investors earn more on their rental properties. The best way to do that is to minimize expenses, which we’re able to achieve because we use our own maintenance team. We also focus on ensuring tenant turnover and vacancy times are limited. We’re prepared for the make-ready process and preventative maintenance is a priority. We also increase your profits by maintaining your asset. When your property is in its best condition, you’ll keep your tenants longer. You’ll also be able to ask for higher rents and you’ll attract only the best potential renters.

Our process for providing property management in Irving is unique and has proven to be successful. We enjoy helping investors and owners earn more money, and we’d love to tell you more about how we can help your property before better. Please contact us at King Realty & Management.