How to Prep for a Tenant Move-Out

When a tenant moves out of a property there usually is some work that is needed. Here are some steps to reduce the pain of dealing with a tenant move-outs.

  1. Do a walkthrough as soon as you get notice that a tenant is moving
    Walkthrough the property and give tenants an idea of what they need to do to get their deposit back. After all, if you can return their deposit, that means the house is close to move-in ready shape which will decrease the time it takes to secure your next tenant.
  2. Send the tenant a move-out checklist so that they know your expectations on what they should do before they move out
    We send a detailed acknowledgement of their notice to lay out the expectations of how they need to leave the unit when they move out.
  3. Complete a final accounting and charge the tenant’s deposit for items BEYOND normal wear and tear
    You hold a deposit for a reason. As a landlord, there’s a risk that a tenant won’t leave the property how they should. You are able to charge a tenant for items beyond normal wear and tear according to Texas Property Code. Be sure to follow the guidelines and deadlines for final accountings. You may also use the help of a collections company to try to recoup any costs not covered by the deposit.

Just remember, if you do regular walkthroughs and each year add even a little bit of value to the property; not to mention “bulletproofing it” (Click HERE To view that post) this will help minimize your make ready expenses as properties come up in the future.