How to make your pet-friendly home for sale seem pet-free

Pet owners, are you in the process of selling your home but are having trouble cleaning up after your furry friend? Look no further! Here are some tips and tricks to help you prevent and eliminate pet odor, messes and damage. 

Cleaning the FUR-niture: These little tricks are very simple but highly effective!

– Dampen a pair of rubber gloves and then rub over furniture.

– You could buy about a million lint rollers and pick up fur with those, but why not save money and wrap some duct tape (with the sticky side up) around a paint roller and use that instead? This fur-fighting mechanism will pick up a lot more fur and will be fun to use on any carpet or upholstery.

– Having trouble vacuuming up that deep-rooted dog fur in the rug? Simply take a window squeegee and run it through the carpet to bring those pesky pet hairs up to the surface!


Saving the FUR-niture: “Fido’s at it again!”

– Does your pup enjoy chewing up your furniture? If so, then try making your own bitter spray; all you have to do is douse that favorite chair of yours in a bit of bitter spray. After he tastes it, you’ll see Fido run the other way! (Here is a link to the bitter spray recipe: )

– Is your kitten scratching up the couch? No worries! Just purchase a roll of double-stick tape and apply some to your cat’s favorite area to scratch. (This will annoy your pet and will discourage him from using your furniture as a scratching post!)


Other helpful hints

– If you’re tired of having muddy paw prints all over the floor, why not invest in some unscented baby wipes? Just keep the package of wipes near the door so you can wipe your pet’s feet before they scamper about the house.

– Sometimes pets have accidents, and some accidents may happen just before a showing! However the evidence of those accidents doesn’t have to be permanent; just sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the soiled area and voila! The odor is gone. Also, if your pet has an accident before a showing, follow the same procedures mentioned above but let the baking soda sit overnight, then vacuum it up the next morning.


And last but certainly not least, invite an honest friend over and let them smell your house, then have them tell you what it truly smells like. This will help you figure out what you need to do to freshen up the house before any showings are scheduled.


If you follow these tips, I guarantee that your house will look and smell pet-free!