Have you considered buying a new home?

As a REALTOR it’s my job to get my clients the best deal! There’s nothing that makes me (or my client) happy, more than a “steal!”  Some people think that they will get the best deal by buying a foreclosure but there’s  another option that may be worth checking out!!

Despite the down economy there are many builders that are building new subdivisions across the metroplex.  There are a few advantages to buying a home from the builder.

1.  You get a BRAND NEW home! (If you buy a home while it’s incomplete you can also customize it)

2.  Builders are often times motivated to “move” property! As a result, many offer various incentives including paying closing costs, including additional/new appliances, and much more.

3.  Builders have established relationships with particular lenders that may have great interest rates and additional incentives that other lenders may not offer.

The National Association of Home Builders provides a lot of useful information: http://www.nahb.org

Have you ever purchased from a builder? Do you have any questions about particular builders in the area? Chime in!