Bugs galore!!! Tips for renters and homeowners!

ImageTexas summer heat has definitely arrived and this is the time of year that bugs and pest come out. Lately we’ve been receiving requests from our tenants regarding an increased presence of bugs! Let’s start with a little background information about the season and why you see more bugs, then we’ll recommend the best course of action to reduce your stress about these common critters!

The summer heat is the all time high for breeding among bugs. Ants, bees, crickets and grasshoppers are in greater numbers during the summer season. With higher temperatures, insects develop more rapidly. Crickets tend to be a nuisance, but lets not forget the most annoying of all, mosquitoes. The heat also causes ants to move indoors to seek refuge. When it is hot outside people usually cool their homes which allow the perfect environment for ants to make home. The most effective way to treat an infestation of ants is to locate the colony and queen. These colonies may be difficult to locate so it is suggested to use professional pest control services. Another common pest that we will often see during summer season are June beetles, often called June Bugs. In the late summer you may find hundreds of these beetles clustered on the outside of your home. They will try to invade your home for shelter before the winter season hits.

To eliminate bugs and pests this summer it is important to keep your home clean and insect free. Cut back any bushes and tree branches around your house. Be sure to remove any piles of leaves or other debris that has accumulated to avoid pest to use these debris as a nesting location. It is also suggested to regularly spray your home, inside and outside for any pests. (Professional services may guarantee better results). Some recommend twice per year or every 3 months.

Whether you’re a homeowner or tenant, it’s definitely worth the small fees to get your home sprayed regularly! This will help you enjoy a bug-free summer!

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