Tips for Sellers with Offers from Zillow, Open Door or other institutional buyers

Courtney talks about how sellers should approach offers from institutional buyers like Zillow, Open Door, etc.

New rules for late fees

Courtney talks about the new rules on late fees to take effect 9.1.2019

New Seller’s Disclosure Rules in Texas

Courtney walks you through the NEW rules on seller's disclosures!

What To Do AFTER You sell your home!

Courtney walks you through the things you should do AFTER you sell your home!

Seller’s Series: Tips for Negotiating

Courtney gives Seller's tips that will help make the sale of your home smooth and seamless!

Sellers: Pre and Post Showing Checklist

Courtney walks sellers through how to prepare for a showing and what they should do after the showing!

Strategies for Selling Your Home!

Courtney King, with King Realty & Management Inc. walks you through 4 main strategies to get your home sold quickly...

Are you a not-so handy homeowner or landlord?

Courtney talks about the Residential Toolkit which helps homeowners, landlords and tenants understand and complete simple residential repairs and thus...

Best Practices for Open Houses: Buyer’s Edition!

Courtney gives tips for buyers when attending open houses!

All About Lender Required Repairs

you negotiate certain repairs up front (if you're the buyer), prepare for the sale of your home (if you're a...

Become a FlipPartner! Courtney and David King walk you through King REI's FlipPartner program. for more information visit

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