Management Mondays: Dealing with Section 8 Housing Vouchers

Courtney with King Realty & Management Inc. gives 3 tips for dealing with the section 8 housing voucher program.

Should you take the forbearance option?

Courtney with King Realty & Management talks about the recent stimulus package and the option that many homeowners are getting...

Management Mondays: How to collect rent amid COVID19

Courtney shares proven strategies for rent collection during tough economic times like COVID19.

The Great Opportunity that can be found in Catastrophe (COVID19)

Courtney talks the GREAT opportunities that are brewing with the current COVID19 challenges.

Overcoming below-market rents

Courtney talks strategies for increase your tenants' rent to current market value. This in turn, will increase your overall return...

Buying and Selling a Mobile Home

Courtney talks the ins and outs of buying a selling a mobile home.

Management Mondays: How to Find a GOOD contractor for your home or rental

Courtney walks you through how to locate a good contractor for your home or investment property.

Best Practices for Audio/Visual Surveillance Disclosure and Selling Your home

Courtney shares some best practices for audio/visual surveillance when selling your home.

Management Mondays: How to Handle Maintenance

Courtney shares with fellow investors how to handle maintenance at your rental property

How to prep your home for sale

Courtney talks three ways you can prepare for the sale of your home!

New Podcast: Sneak Peek Episode

Courtney gives you a SNEAK PEEK of the upcoming podcast Millennial VS. Machine. It gives you a deeper look into...

How to Overcome Student Loan Debt Using Real Estate

Courtney talks all things Millennial VS. Machine! This is the story about how she got SOMEONE ELSE to pay off...

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