How to prep your home for sale

Courtney talks three ways you can prepare for the sale of your home!

New Podcast: Sneak Peek Episode

Courtney gives you a SNEAK PEEK of the upcoming podcast Millennial VS. Machine. It gives you a deeper look into...

How to Overcome Student Loan Debt Using Real Estate

Courtney talks all things Millennial VS. Machine! This is the story about how she got SOMEONE ELSE to pay off...

Buyer Beware: How To Protect Yourself from this scam!

Courtney King with King Realty talks about a common deed scam and how you can avoid getting scammed when buying...

It’s a price thing!

Courtney talks through the thought process of price adjustments and how she helps sellers and landlords move their homes quickly...

How to Handle the Emotions of Selling a Home

Selling a home can be traumatic BUT it doesn't have to be! Courtney shares a story of how a SHIFT...

Lifeless listing? What to do if you aren’t getting much traffic to your home

Courtney talks about what to do if you're having a hard time selling your home and a possible alternative solution...

5 Things to do to your home to save you money

Courtney walks you through 5 key things to do to your home to save you money (and headaches) over time

Tips for Sellers with Offers from Zillow, Open Door or other institutional buyers

Courtney talks about how sellers should approach offers from institutional buyers like Zillow, Open Door, etc.

New rules for late fees

Courtney talks about the new rules on late fees to take effect 9.1.2019

New Seller’s Disclosure Rules in Texas

Courtney walks you through the NEW rules on seller's disclosures!

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