Adding Value to Homes via Multi-generational Housing

We have come to the understanding that there is a large need to reunite families. Currently children (including your millennials) are leaving the nest later and later in life, and often times they are having difficulty securing jobs or covering their student loan date. Also, some grandparents and elderly suffer from loneliness as their families are putting them in assisted living facilities. And even young families struggle from day-to-day as they work to support their kids and cover childcare expenses.

We have come up with a plan that helps us tackle ALL of these issues with the addition of an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to single family homes. Here’s how!

1 – Parents with millennial or young adult children can add an ADU (tiny house or garage conversion) to their home and rent it to their son/daughter which will offset your current mortgage or household expenses.

2 – Parents with young children and a parent that may have a tough time living alone due to physical constraints OR suffer from Loneliness, can add and ADU to their property and allow their parent to live in it which would reduce their cost of living while also reducing the childcare costs that the parents with young children face.

3 – Elderly person with a large home that has become too much work, can add an ADU, live in it and rent the large home out which will supplement their income AND overcome any loneliness.

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re doing at our farmhouse in the Houston area.