3 Things to Look for in a Property Manager

Selecting a property manager can either make your experience as a landlord positive or negative! While this list is not exhaustive here are a few things to look for in your initial conversation with a potential property manager.

  1. How responsive are they? Is it easy to get a hold of them? Being able to get a hold of your PM is important so you know what’s going on with the property and that both you and your tenants are taken care of in a prompt manner.
  2. Is the PM agreement simple? We find that simple fee structures and processes help you know what you’re getting into and what fees you can expect.
  3. Are they investors? Realtor doesn’t always mean property manager. If you can find someone (or a company) that is also investors this will help you see things in the eyes of a professional landlord…ensuring that your property is in compliance, track record of selecting solid tenants and properly maintaining your property as if it’s their own.

Feel free to check out our FAQ’s for more questions you can ask when interviewing property managers.