10 Things to Ignore When Searching For a Home

We understand that there are some many things to consider when house hunting! It can bog you down. We’re always talking about what to be sure to consider but let’s focus on things that you can ignore!!! Courtney chimes in with some of her personal preferences too!

  1. A home’s age – This is totally personal preference. I personally prefer a newer home BUT most of the older homes have more character. I’d say if location is ideal, then definitely ignore the age of the home your agent and inspector can show you exactly what you’re buying and guide you through the decision making process.
  2. Paint colors – This is totally cosmetic! Many people have different color preferences and furniture decor. Keep in mind it’s super easy to paint the interior of a home and also the exterior.
  3. Wallpaper – Ugh! One word!!! I know…super 1980’s but remember, YouTube is your friend. It’s easy and a little time consuming to remove wallpaper. If time is of the essences for you, refer to a qualified general contractor and they can remove it without the headache!
  4. Kitchen appliances – If the appliances are old or not to your liking, talk with your agent! This can be bargaining power for you to negotiate a concession so you can buy new appliances that you like!
  5. Hardware – Brass doorknobs, Brass fixtures, old-school hardware on kitchen cabinets. Get the picture? All of these are super easy to swap out. If a home has all of your must haves, don’t sweat the small stuff. Outdated fixtures can easily be swapped out!
  6. Carpet – If you’re like me, you may not like carpet. If you are entertaining a home that has old carpet, remember, carpet is one of the easiest and cheapest things to replace.  If you have allergies it would be worthwhile to consider replacing carpet. Chat with your agent to get some guidance on what you’re able to negotiate during your option period.
  7. Funky odors – Everyone’s definition of cleanliness is slightly different. lol. It’s always a good idea to have a deep cleaning done before you move in. Just know that bad smells can easily be cleaned up UNLESS it’s something caused by a defect in the home. This would be a good thing to consult with your inspector and agent to come up with some solutions and build that into your negotiations.
  8. Curb appeal – To some, this is unimportant BUT 1st impressions are huge! You can use the lack of curb appeal to help you negotiate a better deal. After closing, it’s super easy and fun to add plans, remove trees, add mulch and spruce the yard up. If you haven’t checked out Pintrest, you can get a lot of great ideas there!
  9. Popcorn ceiling – I know…(insert eye roll), this texture was super popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Many people have removed this ceiling texture from their home. It’s pretty easy but a little messy if you’re not prepared. Consult with your agent for contractor referrals that can give you a bid. If you’re considering an older him and the home meets all of your desires, don’t let this stop you. Use it as a bargaining chip instead!
  10. Lack of privacy – When buying a home, privacy is super important! If you’re looking at a home that doesn’t have much privacy but does have some room to build a taller fence, add some trees or shrubs,  or swap out a chainlink fence for a wood fence, all of these things are super easy to do and will get the house to where you want it to be!

For more tips and tricks when house hunting, be sure to reach out to us!